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Animal issues in the law

For animal lovers in can be frustrating to see how some animal cases are decided under the law. Animal protection, like many areas of the law, is constantly evolving particularly as our understanding of animal intelligence, capacity and emotional range continues to grow and develop. This blog is a collection of case law and interesting articles from Australia and abroad, showing broad trends in animal law. By sharing and learning from this information we can continue to develop passionate arguments to help further our cases and reinforce our deep feeling for animals with concrete support details. I hope you find it useful.


Four Ways That A Lawyer Can Help You With Family Law Mediation In Australia

Mediation is a process that can be used to resolve family law disputes. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method which means that the parties use a neutral third-party mediator to help them resolve their dispute in a way that is acceptable to both of them.  The benefits of mediation are numerous. It's convenient and less expensive than other forms of litigation, and it allows you to have a say in resolving your matter. Read More 

Will FAQs

A will is a document that details your property division wishes once you die. Most people do not comprehend the will writing and execution process. Below are some will FAQs to improve your comprehension of the estate division process.  How Do You Write A Will?  A will is a document explaining how to bequeath your property after death. The best approach to the will preparation process is hiring a wills and estates lawyer. Read More 

What Are Some of the Different Types of Accidents That Compensation Lawyers Often Help With?

Compensation lawyers typically dedicate their professional lives to helping their clients with all sorts of situations, including accidents. If you've been involved in some type of accident, there's a good chance that there is an experienced compensation lawyer out there who can help with your case. Car Accidents First of all, many compensation lawyers are very experienced in helping clients with car accident cases. Some car accident cases are very serious and involve serious injury or even death. Read More 

Why You May Need to Sign a Client Authorisation When Buying a Home

In the digital age, millions of transactions take place online each day. It is now safer than ever to use a credit card to buy goods or services, as information is encrypted according to very high standards and guarantees are in place to cover you in the unlikely event that something should go wrong. Contracts are also signed using a process known as a "key signature," which identifies the IP address and provides elements of certainty. Read More 

When to Hire a Solicitor Instead of a Barrister

If you're confronted with a legal matter that does not require you to appear in court, you're a potential client for a solicitor. Solicitors are lawyers that focus on offering legal counsel to their clients. They are different from barristers, who can also provide legal advice but primarily focus on making court appearances on behalf of their clients. Knowing when to hire a solicitor or a barrister can make all the difference to the outcomes of your legal problems. Read More