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Animal issues in the law

For animal lovers in can be frustrating to see how some animal cases are decided under the law. Animal protection, like many areas of the law, is constantly evolving particularly as our understanding of animal intelligence, capacity and emotional range continues to grow and develop. This blog is a collection of case law and interesting articles from Australia and abroad, showing broad trends in animal law. By sharing and learning from this information we can continue to develop passionate arguments to help further our cases and reinforce our deep feeling for animals with concrete support details. I hope you find it useful.


Why a Property Lawyer Will Offer You Better Property Law Services Than a Conveyancer

The purchase and sale of property both involve a myriad of costs. Thus, it is unsurprising that some people will choose to hire a conveyancer under the impression that this will help them save some money during the transaction of a property rather than hiring a property lawyer. Although hiring a conveyancer, granted, is a cost-efficient alternative, you should bear in mind that the scope and quality of the property law services would not compare to having a property lawyer handle your legal matters. Read More 

Relocating Children After Divorce: What Does the Court Consider?

When couples separate, there are many changes that they end up undertaking in their daily lives. Partners often end up living separately, adjusting to new ways of life and even preparing a new financial budget. Another challenge that commonly arises is when one partner wishes to move to a new location in another city or state. Many ex-spouses consider relocation after a divorce because it allows them a fresh start. Read More 

Keeping on the right side of the law when playing Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go craze is sweeping the globe and many people are getting very excited as they go out hunting Pokemon. Here are some tips to make sure you stay on the right side of the law while 'catching them all'.  Do not hunt Pokemon and drive In all states of Australia, it's illegal to use your mobile phone while driving. So while it can be handy to use your car to get to faraway gyms and hunting rarer Pokemons it's important to keep your hands of the phone while driving if you want to avoid copping a heavy fine and losing demerit points. Read More 

Animal Law: Understanding Exotic Animal Import Trade

There are different laws and regulations that control the export, import and keeping of exotic animals. Therefore, if you are interested in the industry, it is important to understand the pertinent legislation. This will help you avoid the legal and financial repercussions related to dealing with these animals illicitly. Basically, an animal is considered exotic if it does not live naturally in country's wild. The laws restricting non-native animal trade are important because they protect the natural country against invasion by alien species. Read More 

Planning To Lease? Here’s What Your Property Lawyer Can Do For You

Are you planning to lease a property? Whether it's a developed lot or just plain land, incorporating a property lawyer into your lease process is highly advised. Property lawyers are not just needed in property sales and purchases only. Most of the issues covered in such transactions are present in leases too. As such, a property lawyer can add value to your lease process in a number of ways as highlighted below: Read More